Put simply—things that make G–Lord say OMG. It’s a pretty broad range of topics but always through a common lens of design and creative thinking.

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A note on payment options

This newsletter has always been free, and after experimenting with various sponsorship and advertising options, nothing really felt right for how I wanted to grow or how I wanted to financially contribute to other causes. My audience is humble so I’ve tussled with how to make this newsletter sustainable because I never want there to be a financial barrier to entry. There’s enough gatekeeping in the design industry as it is.

For this reason, paid subscriptions are completely optional and free subscribers will not miss out on any content. Obviously, if you can afford to upgrade, I greatly appreciate the support. Creating original content requires a lot of time and energy while acquiring direct and indirect costs. Even small individual contributions add up and have a huge impact.

For additional context on how I’ve priced things, $5/month is the lowest amount Substack allows and equals around $1 per weekly issue. The annual subscription at $30/year is a huge discount and is also the lowest amount I could set it. There’s also a pay-what-you-want option, which is ideal for larger companies or people who can contribute a little more in lieu of those who can’t.

It might seem weird that there’s no additional separation for paying subscribers, but that’s also kind of the point. I’ve been inspired by other independent publishers like BrandNew and Dense Discovery taking similar approaches to keep their publications accessible with longer-term sustainability in mind.

Gabby Lord

I’m a designer with a penchant for organizing information. Originally from country Australia, I have worked independently and in branding studios across Sydney, Berlin, and currently run a studio called Super Keen in New York City.

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Last updated: October 5, 2023

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Things that make G–Lord say OMG