We all scream for ice cream

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We made it through another tough week folks, and for that, we deserve a treat. I can’t always find the words or references to express how I’m feeling, but this week I realised the second-best thing to a hug is probably ice cream. I know I shouldn’t judge by the cover but when it comes to the supermarket, I’m an absolute sucker when I see things that look as good as they taste.

This is a designer-in-New-York frozen dream. Marco is your guide to the mysterious revelries, unexpected delights, and culinary curiosities you’ve always sought out, but never knew how to find. They already had me at Thai Coco-Lime, to be honest.

Van Leeuwen
Another example of how colour-blocking can never lead you astray when it comes to standing out on shelves. I would genuinely be fearful to learn how many Van Leeuwen pints I have consumed in my time.

Zebra Dream
This has always been one of those brands that made me feel like, damn, I wish I had done that. I’ve sadly never tried the ice cream but revisiting the work of TCYK always leaves a sweet taste in my mouth.

Pana Organic
Don’t worry dairy-free fam, Pana has got your intolerant and/or vegan ass covered. Always the most gorgeous packaging no matter the product.

Stay safe and well friends,

Resource of the Week

Design Innovations for Women is a new curation by MoMA Design Store, celebrating good design for female reproduction, sexuality, and activity. Full disclosure that this is a shopping experience, but I found it interesting to browse and see what items made the cut.

The future is female

Studio Sounds

Soulstation by Manares

Listen while
Soulcial distancing.

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Lucky Dip Links

Beautiful type and lettering work by New York-based freelance art director and designer, Tina Smith.

See here

A three-year global study of the state of mental health across the creative and tech industries.

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