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In design, the term “sexy” can be applied in any number of ways. Some people get excited about grids and design systems, others salivate over the release of a new typeface. After Lauren recently used the word “flirty” to describe a brand—which I think even surprised herself—I’ve been experiencing some serious Baader-Meinhof. Ooft, look at me just throwing around German phenomenons. Does it get any sexier than that? Let’s hope so.

Frequency illusions aside, there is a wonderful intersection happening in the tech-sphere where design and adult content are colliding. The boom of OnlyFans in 2020 has confirmed the validity of a space that has been somewhat overlooked by designers. Sex workers deserve sexy UX flows too, after all.

An incomplete reference list:

Sexy audio stories that spark imagination through a feminist lens. Before co-founding Dipsea, Gina was a brand and design strategist, and Faye was a software engineer and researcher. This feels very evident through the writing, design, and illustrative approach.

Where women go to make money. This will be launching soon and in full disclosure is the brainchild of my friend Lucy, a product designer and maker of experiences that bring people together. Keep an eye on this one!

We already know there’s no end to what branding and a solid go-to-market strategy can sell in swaths. Turns out condoms are no different. As I’m sure many sex-positive millennials can relate, it’s hard not to enjoy this space being elevated beyond late-night afterthoughts and bright bodega lighting.

A modern sexual wellness company built on quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. They’re on a mission to make intimacy better—for all people.

Engineers for sexual wellness by building a welcoming community, designing innovative tools, and bringing life-changing education to your bedroom. They also sell sweet bucket hats—just saying.

What I really love seeing through all of these brands is a shift toward education. Nothing feels too taboo for Gen Z and tackling topics like consent, female pleasure, and reproduction has been overlooked for far too long. Might as well make it look good—sexy even—while we’re at it.


Resource of the Week

Are you as bad as me at taking care of your house plants or are you a liar? LOL okay fine, I’ll accept that some people are way better plant parents than me but in the off case I’m not alone, this whimsy little website is here for seasoned enthusiasts and first-timers alike.

How many plants?

Studio Sounds

MANY moons ago when I was part of the organising team for CreativeMornings/Sydney, Stephanie Lorenzo spoke on the global topic of ‘Sex’. We made a playlist for the occasion so it felt fitting to dig it back up again for some 2014 throwbacks. You can also watch Steph’s talk here.

Got a great tune, track, or podcast worth sharing? Let me know!

Lucky Dip Links

Grilli Type is at it again with another impeccable microsite for their latest release. GT Maru is an ode to rounded English characters found on signage across Japan.

GT Maru

This chair collab is what dreams are made of. DREAMS I tell you! Sold out for a second time, I am so sad to have missed out on this not once but TWICE.

Dusen Dusen x Dims

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