Tip-toeing into 2021

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I’ve enjoyed entering the new year quietly. My 2020 hangover wasn’t from any forms of partying or celebration but something far less debaucherous—burnout. I’ve been writing this newsletter every week for almost six years as a pensive creative outlet but my consistency last year—much like a lot of things—completely turned to shit.

It became increasingly difficult to care about design in my previous all-consuming way. Not because I actually stopped caring, but because I had nothing to give from a completely depleted and emotionally exhausted cup. Taking a break has allowed me to start filling it back up—even patch a few of the holes leaking energy from the bottom.

Thank you for being patient. I really appreciate you sticking around for 2021 but understand if our affection is not forever. If your inbox is too overwhelming, please remember you can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. This outlet has truly never been a numbers game, just a way to connect with people a little slower and discover things together.

So! Some discoveries while I was M.I.A.:

Design Matters: MorcosKey
Really enjoyed this podcast episode. Wael Morcos and Jonathan Key discuss their backgrounds and amazing journeys that ultimately led to their groundbreaking design work as MorcosKey.

Black Archives Editorial: Volume 001
In Black Archives' first issue, they explore foundational questions through the I. Henry Phillips collection, Marion Stokes’s story, and personal family reflections from the Black Archives community. It’s pay-what-you-can and a way to support and celebrate Black History Month.

Easily create and publish 3D web experiences. Build and iterate fast with production-ready results. “Easy” is a relative term, of course. I, for one, am battling hard.

Mockup Maison
Very affordable in-situ images to mockup your designs. This particular one focusses more on print and physical items opposed to digital in-situ. I find the matchboxes particularly cute.

Finally, happy new year, despite it being February already. I’ll continue to tip-toe through, not asking too much of this year and sans any grand resolutions or extra-curricular expectations. Just sharing inspiration with you as it comes.

Stay safe and well,

Resource of the Week

Shameless plug for something I was proud to work on last year and look forward to continuing. Give Both Ways is a series of curated gift guides that give back to different communities. Bookmark for future reference because it really is such a great resource for thoughtful gift ideas.

Give Both Ways

Studio Sounds

Ilanga – Ami Faku, Sun-El Musician, Simmy

Listen while
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