New day, who dis?

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It’s kind of incredible how quickly we adapt to new circumstances in order to survive. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I mentally slip in and out of the current state of the world. This past week was tough. Memes helped.

Do you know what also helps? Links. OMG links help. Let’s get into them because today is a new day!

Bleed Design Studio
Bleed is a multi-disciplinary design agency based in Oslo and Vienna and I have been enjoying much of their work lately. Check it out and thank me later.

Mate Act Now
A poster protest for the digital generation. All in aid of raising awareness and money for the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund. Posters will be flooding IG this Wednesday for International Earth Day.

Wellfed Podcast
If you can handle the sound of my voice (eek) my episode with Jon from Wellfed Podcast was released last week. We recorded this last year and chatted about life, work, design, and this very newsletter.

Port Magazine
Matt Willey can do no wrong. It’s a fact. I don’t make the rules. Three delicious covers for issue 26, Baloji.

COVID-19 Resource Directory
I started to collate all the resources I’ve found helpful to my site and will keep adding to this page.

Hoping you are all safe and well,

Resource of the Week

A curated index of type foundries supplying the additional information that many people look for when browsing for fonts. Love the ease of this site and will definitely be visiting often!

The Type Foundry Directory

Collected Coronart

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