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I wish I was a hopeless romantic type, but I’m sadly more sceptical than love-sick when it comes to things like Valentine’s Day. Hallmark holidays aside, I’ve been crushing pretty hard on some recently launched projects and podcasts circling the interwebs these days. So whether you’re locked down or just in literal lockdown for the fourth time, here are some lovely links to enjoy this week.

Evi O is at it again, her eye for colour and shape is a forever kind of love. In GIANT, she investigates light and dark sides of big matters. In physical forms, natural and man-made monoliths help identify our place in the universe. In abstract forms, beliefs and cultures rationalise our existence. GIANT opens at Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney on Feb 24 – Mar 4. Go see it. You’re welcome.

At the risk of promoting way too much Collins work, you gotta admit they have been killing it of late. Their rebrand for Match felt like a fitting thing to share for this issue, but the main project that has me googly-eyed is the “Symphosizer” built with Dinamo for SF Symphony. When I say damn I really mean damn.

People I’ve Loved
Works and pressing issues intended to facilitate the communication between real, tactile people. I’ve been following the IG account which has a mix of wistful and whimsical illustrations, some of which are available on their online store.

Story Cafe
Definitely a wish-I’d-thought-of-that type project by For The People. What’s a love story to appreciate fellow designers work without a tinge of envy though, amirite? Check out the full case study to remind yourself how copy can completely make a project.

Brené with Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman
The meet-cute you knew you needed to listen to but couldn’t find the full story anywhere online. I loved that this was less about their individual success stories (huge + valid in their own right) and more about their journey as a couple. Roxane also wrote a really beautiful post a while back for those as invested as I am.

Modern Love
I’ve recommended this podcast to so many people now I’ve lost track. I’m not embarrassed to admit most episodes leave me weeping as the stories explore relationships of all types (important: not just romantic).

WNW x Fiverr
Breaking hearts this week was the news of Working Not Working being acquired by Fiverr, presumably for a lot more than five dollars. I’ve personally never gotten a gig from the platform, so it was a no-brainer to delete my account. I’ve recently been doing a deep digital clearout, so one less place to internet suits me fine.

Big love from me to you,

Resource of the Week

I’ve been working on my portfolio website (somebody save meeee!!) and researching ways to reduce or offset the carbon emissions. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem like much when it’s just you but the internet as a whole consumes a lot of electricity. This website is just one that’s been helpful but always welcome more sustainable web practice resources!

Website Carbon

Studio Sounds

A slightly different take on studio sounds this week as I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with this website. If you’re like me and have multiple homes, or perhaps you just really miss travel, this site is such a wonderful and safe way to feel connected to different cities.

Drive and Listen – local radio stations

Listen while
Driving (virtually)

Got a great tune, track, or podcast worth sharing? Let me know!

Candid Classifieds

People have started making jokes about my IG being a job board but there are seriously SO MANY GREAT JOBS going around at the moment. Including:

Some more submissions to click:

  • Wolf Craft is Nora and Kirsten’s free bi-weekly newsletter helping makers, designers and small-shop creatives learn how to get press for their work.

  • Mariano Carranza is a filmmaker and content specialist for hire. He specialized in making documentaries and is a Swiss-Army knife of video production that will be happy to cater to all your needs.

  • Kama offers mindful sex practices for all bodies, regardless of age, sexuality, or gender. (A little saucy compared to my usual links but YOLO it’s a love edition and the illos are cute 😉)

  • is a reading app that brings you latest newsletters from thousands of sources.

  • Breaking Glass podcast guests are challenging social and cultural norms to create more equality, more respect, better health, and greater opportunity for women everywhere.

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