Here’s to another week of learning

Image credit: Ravi Vasavan for Deaf Power

I’m conscious of the fact that everyone has so much going on right now and literally everything is making us say OMG in both good and bad ways. This year keeps escalating and compounding and we’re starting to realise that 2020 is a marathon and not a sprint. Here’s to another week of learning.

Deaf Power
Deaf Power promotes the history, languages, and values of Deaf communities all over the world. As both sign and symbol, it spreads cultural pride. A collaboration between Christine Sun Kim, Deaf American artist based in Berlin and Ravi Vasavan, Deaf Australian designer based in London.

A newsletter about sex, relationships, business, tech, and creativity. It’s new but very good and you should sign up! Last week, Lucy wrote on how the design of products and services in the sex and dating industry discriminates against Black People.

Let’s dump harmful terms in tech
An article by Peter Kirn on why these terms are vague, horrible, and we’re better off without them. This refers more specifically to music/tech but can be applied in general.

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Resource of the Week

100+ examples of brands responding to the Black Lives Matter movement. It highlights responses, actions, reactions, examples in the right direction and some that are, err, not so much. There is a lot to learn from this compilation.

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