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Greetings from hotel quarantine! I started writing this draft two weeks ago and then time and life intervened. I packed up an apartment in just a couple of days and flew to the other side of the world for what feels like the hundredth time.

If jetlag and being locked in a room for 14 days doesn’t kill me, maybe next week my consistency will be stronger.

Michaela The Destroyer
I haven’t stopped talking about I May Destroy You and it’s opened up some pretty incredible dialogue, especially amongst my male friends. Could not agree more that Michaela Coel has made the most sublimely unsettling and uncompromising show. She is addictive and while I do highly recommend, please note that it does come with a strong content warning of sexual violence.

An open letter in response to ‘Destroy My Face’
I am shaking my head trying to understand how Erik Kessels thought this would be a good idea. Perhaps the very point was controversy and to have people talking about it? I’ve seen Erik speak at TYPO Berlin twice and while this is aesthetically in line with his previous works, the concept and execution just completely missed the mark. This is really disappointing as best—misogynistic at worst. You can read the full open letter from a growing list of artists and designers here.

Vogue Videos: I Love New York
I’ll admit this is a stretch for this theme, but this video completely destroyed me. Anyone finding themselves particularly susceptible to emotional tributes these days? Nope? Just me? Cool cool cool. Whoopi is always gonna get me good.

Stay safe and well,

Resource of the Week

This highly polished, neatly organised Sketch/Figma file allows you to create and customise illustrations. I always bookmark this type of thing as you just never know when it’s going to come in handy!

Wrrooom wrrooom

Studio Sounds

Monoaware by SamuW, Sweet Medicine

Listen while
Wondering how the heck it’s almost October.

Got a great tune, track, or podcast worth sharing? Let me know!

Lucky Dip Links

Work those polls, baby! My pal Lauren Wong and I created a little thing to encourage healthy people to solve the poll worker shortage. Put simply, many will struggle to vote in person if local polling places are understaffed. Find your state or county polling place through the US Election Assistance Commission. Find that link and more resources on the site we made.

Cover The Polls

A weekly phone call sharing stories worth hearing from Australia to the UK with Tina Victoria Afshar and Ella Mumby. Listen now wherever you get your podcasts and be sure to tune in to their latest episode on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Rest in peace and power, Ruth.

Story Hotline

Candid Classifieds

  • Character is hiring for a number of roles in New York and San Francisco.

  • Twenty Nine NYC is looking for a very good interactive designer.

  • Liam Docherty is a graphic designer from the north of England.

  • Leena Murdeshwar is a designer and illustrator looking for new opportunities.

  • Kate Moross is looking for creatives at the start of their careers for a paid commercial project where they will mentor you across the process of the work.

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