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I think I have officially completed Netflix. I have a bad habit of starting a series but never actually sitting down to watch it—often cooking or cleaning or internetting while it hums in the background. My attention span is absolutely abysmal these days but the good news is that it’s apparently the brain’s way of being extremely adaptive under chronic stress. A few people sent me this video, so if you’ve also been feeling all over the place lately and have 15 minutes to spare, it might help give some perspective.

In an attempt at less screen time (while having a Manhattan-sized apartment that does not accommodate 1000-piece puzzles), I’ve stocked up on a few books instead. I’ll admit I’m a converted Kindle gal now, but you just can’t beat a paperback design book!

If you’re looking for things to read or places other than Amazon to buy them, here are a few to get you started.

Sternberg Press
A Berlin-based publishing house of art and cultural criticism, creative nonfiction, and literary and experimental fiction.

Books Make Us Better
Find the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself!) from a selection of Penguin Random House holiday favourites.

Counter-Print Books
CPB has just released Modern Heraldry: Volume 2. A new selection of trademarks and symbols from around the globe, based on heraldic imagery, makes up the second volume of this well-received graphic design publication.

No More Shitty Books
I started following this account about a year ago and it’s now a go-to. The stuff you actually want to know so you stop wasting your precious time on books that suck.


Resource of the Week

A library of drag and drop sonic identity packs, built to make your next digital project better. Brought to you by the creators of Use Your Interface, so you know it’s going to be top quality and user experience focussed.


Studio Sounds


Listen while
Pretending it’s 2019. Let’s face it, this year has been kinda balls. With most of us working from home, it helps to have a nice, long list of studio sounds.

Got a great tune, track, or podcast worth sharing? Let me know!

Collected Coronart

Genuinely believe IG is getting weirder the longer the pandemic goes on for.

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