Apparently, it’s called languishing

Image credit: Manshen Lo for The New York Times

This article about languishing started floating around back in April and I’ve found myself constantly coming back to it. I think because it’s the first term that sums up the perpetual “meh”, instead of the usual “OMG!”.

Languishing aside, it’s been a while and I’ve saved a few things worth sharing. Taking a slightly different format, this week I’ve collated a bunch of lucky dip links to click at random.



Lucky Dip Links

Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce
When two passions combine: hot sauce and graphic design. This website is *chefs kiss* and works just as well on mobile.

A graphic design studio by Benoît Bodhuin specialising in typography. Some whacky stuff on here and I am here for making type weird again!

The Aesop Queer Library
A rare example of a brand nailing a Pride Month initiative. Aesop presents an ephemeral queer library, clearing all shelves of products and stocked entirely with books elevating the voices and stories of LGBTQIA+ individuals from around the world. 

Image credit: Aesop Bleecker Street

Supply Family
Another mockup shop but with a more minimalist approach. More Dieter Rams aesthetic opposed to in-situ.

Where Are All The Black Designers?
A volunteer-run, nonprofit design advocacy organisation back for a second year. Missed the live stream? You can still watch the recording on the website.

A creative duo, making vivid 3D stuff with a smart twist. So much fun, beautiful work that makes me wish I could see inside their brains. I want to live in all the worlds they create.

Something we’ve been working on at Super Keen, Culturae is a platform that centers historically excluded creative expertise and ideas.

KidSuper Collection Film
I’ve never been that into anything Fashion Week-related but KidSuper Men’s Spring 2022 Collection caught my eye. In particular, the collection film, which asked New Yorkers: “What do you want to do before you die?”

Image credit: KidSuper SS22 “What Do You Want To Do Before You Die” Paris Fashion Week

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